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At Found North we are not chasing the comfortable middle. Our goal is to explore the edges of the flavor landscape and create whiskies that broaden the rye palate.


Fictitious "Northern" Location Lat: unknown Long: unknown

Image of Found North Batch 001 Cask Strength Rye Whisky in front of a shed

Found North Whisky

At Found North we source casks from Canada in search of older, distinctive rye and we blend them to create novel whisky that accentuates rye’s complex and spicy nature. We bottle our whisky at cask strength, without chill filtration or any additives to preserve these characteristics.

When we look at the resurgence of the rye whisky category we see a blue horizon at dawn, a primed canvas, a story waiting to be written. There is so much to discover and these whiskies are just the beginning of our exploration.

To learn more about us, email the founders, Zach & Nick Taylor. We want to talk to you about Found North and whisky in general.

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