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Image of Found North Batch 002 Cask Strength Whisky with San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold Medal
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Found North Batch 002


Double Gold (San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021)


Batch 002 is an anomaly that caused us quite a dilemma. In search of texturous whisky to complement the rye in Batch 001, we discovered stunning double distilled corn whisky, affectionately known at Found North as “Sample 18.” We blended Sample 18 with a parcel of buttery, minty 17 year old rye aged in ex-wheated bourbon barrels and then added a touch of lively, earthy 16 year old rye.

The problem was -- the more we tweaked the ratio in favor of Sample 18 the more the blend improved. At 80:20 corn to rye the blend presented a mesmerizing orange creamsicle note, but no longer qualified as “rye.” We had to choose between bottling the best whisky or the most marketable whisky. We bottled this black sheep as is. We love her, and at 64.9% ABV she loves us right back.

Flavor Notes

Batch 002 immediately shows a combination of new wood and bright fruit with caramel, burnt sugar and sweet clementine. The pairing of fresh vanilla and minty spice manifests as peppermint ice cream. The spice profile is very balanced and elegant on the nose, but a powder keg waiting to explode on the palate with pine needles, and intense wood spice. The finish is clean and warm and the longer you sit with it the more the fruit notes take over, showing red apple, rock candy and an enticing orange creamsicle character.

Why We Made This Whisky

We made this whisky simply because it tasted marvelous. Moreover, it helped us better understand our own goal of creating whiskies that present unique flavor combinations that force the drinker to change the angle in which they view Canadian whisky and the whisky category as a whole.

Batch Details

  • 1,302 Bottle Outrun
  • 16-20 Year Old Whiskies
  • 64.9% ABV | 129.8 Proof
  • 80% Corn | 19% Rye | 1% Malted Barley
  • Non-Chill Filtered
  • No Additives
  • Natural Color
Sold Out
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