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Image of Found North Batch 001 Cask Strength Rye Whisky with San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold Medal
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Found North Batch 004


Best Canadian Whisky (John Barleycorn Awards 2022)
Double Gold (John Barleycorn Awards 2022)
Gold (San Francisco World Spirits Competition)


Batch 004 was built around a 21 year corn component with lovely caramel, butterscotch and vanilla notes and a highly viscous and naturally sweet 25 year corn component aged in Hungarian oak that was dripping in molasses. We balanced the viscosity with spice and fruit from a combination of two different style ryes, both aged for 18 years. The first was aged in ex-Speyside scotch casks providing bright, fresh fruit. The second was aged in rechar American oak, which cut the viscosity in the mid palate with a distinct tingling cardamom and ginger quality. The spice from the rye teases out the concentrated burnt sugar quality of the 25-year-old casks.

Flavor Notes

Batch 004 presents sticky maple syrup, leather and mahogany wood extract on the nose. It is like bubbling-hot butterscotch drizzled on top of a Tahitian vanilla bean affogato mixed with caramelized red fruits, reminiscent of old French-style rum. The slick, viscous palate presents shortbread and chocolate-covered cashews dunked in a demerara river of oil and pure, liquefied sugarcane, followed by a spicy warm finish that tingles and envelopes your chest.

Why We Made This Whisky

Batch 002 was the surprise Cinderella story of Found North’s first chapter. Our beloved black sheep of a whisky turned out to be much more popular than expected, revealing the potential of old, bourbon-esque corn from Canada. The purpose of Batch 004 was to explore this new landscape presented by mature corn components. We were particularly fascinated by the juxtaposition of concentrated burnt sugar from years of wood extraction and the surprising lack of over-oaked bitterness.

Batch Details

  • 2,746 Bottle Outrun
  • 18-25 Year Old Whiskies
  • 62.4% ABV | 124.8 Proof
  • 80% Corn | 19% Rye | 1% Malted Barley
  • Non-Chill Filtered
  • No Additives
  • Natural Color
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