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Found North Batch 007


The focal point of Batch 007 is a 1998 vintage corn component aged in ex-bourbon barrels. The ‘98 contained a rich combination of sweet florality on the nose and thick, viscous caramel on the body. It lends this whisky elegance and presence. We matched the ‘98 with a pair of 22 year corn components, one in ex-bourbon and the other in new American oak. The 22 year in ex-bourbon, allowed the fruit and floral notes to ripen, while the 22 year in new American oak added velvety tannins and lavish wood sugars.

Once we had fully composed the corn side, we turned to an old favorite rye whisky, our 2004 vintage in Hungarian oak. The rye bolstered the baking spices and enlivened the body of the whisky. At 131.8 proof, the resulting blend achieves balance without sacrificing oomph.

Flavor Notes

The nose flows from the glass, a torrent of brown sugar, taffy and burnt caramel, followed by rivulets of torched lemon peel, creme brûlée and dried pear. Beneath the strawberry puree notes, graham cracker, vanillins and maple lie in wait. Lastly the nose presents a lovely minerality, like fresh rain on granite or a limestone pulled from a fast-flowing stream.

The whisky lands in a creamy rush. The sweet cinnamon residue crystallizes on the mid-palate. The growing tannic friction between nutmeg and black pepper crackles into the side palate, before a steady warmth and the sweet aroma of an old leather armchair settle into the finish. The oily, buttery mouthfeel carries a dark chocolate note deep into the finish, where the softening oak tannins and treacle light the kindling in your chest.

Why We Made This Whisky

We made this whisky because of the 1998 vintage corn component and what it allowed us to create. At this proof, the combination of fruit notes and such a velvety palate is incredibly rare. Making a whisky with the fruit, viscosity, and the requisite spice character to be a Found North release, was special.

Moreover, we made this whisky because of, and in spite of, the 18 year and 11 month old rye component. We could have waited a month and added a year to the age-statement, but we knew we had the blend just right. One of our core tenants as whisky makers is to make the whisky 1% better as many times as possible. If you do that over the course of the process you will make good whisky into truly lovely whisky. Another core tenant is to never sacrifice flavor. By not waiting, we held ourselves to both of those standards.

Manager’s Proof

On the back of the bottle you will notice something new at Found North. We introduced a concept we call Manager’s Proof. The benefit of releasing whisky at cask strength is the opportunity it gives the whisky drinker to explore the full range of flavor possibilities in our whiskies by introducing water. But, we also have a favorite way to drink our whisky. In the case of Batch 007, we believe this whisky is at its peak when you add .6mls to a 50ml pour. By adding these few drops of water you will immediately notice a full on eruption of fruit notes on the nose, as well as an array of baking spices on the palate.

Batch Details

  • 3,345 Bottle Outrun
  • 18-24 Year Old Whiskies
  • Aged in New American, Ex-Bourbon & Hungarian Oak Barrels
  • 65.9% ABV | 131.8 Proof
  • 83% Corn | 16% Rye | 1% Malted Barley
  • Non-Chill Filtered
  • No Additives
  • Natural Color
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